Thursday, November 27, 2008

The final say on How To Order Takeout In Korea

So Tuesday's Borrower and her fiancee sent me a video breaking down the "ordering takeout" conversation that is very informative, and funny, and I edited it to be a bit less chatty, and added a bit of roboseyo spice, because DB don't do that video editing stuff too good. (She's a very good writer, though).
Watch it. It's cute.

then they did a final run-through of the conversation, so you can hear what to expect.

These are a nice companion to the stuff I posted earlier, found by Otto, and done by Mr. Ed.


Anonymous said...

This was very useful! Thank you!

One question has been bugging me about this for awhile little food is considered okay to warrant delivery? I tend to mostly stick around my apartment in the evenings, and especially now that it's cold, I don't relish the thought of going out to track down food. But, it's just me in my apartment, so the most I would ever order would be two servings (leftovers). But, is that unusual? In the US, usually delivery is only for larger orders, and I'm wondering if that's the case in Korea as well.

Unknown said...

Thank you, that was awesome!! I love that you wrote the script across the screen!