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Let's keep this simple:

  1. Posting here gives me permission to use the text of your comment wherever, whenever and however I like, including quoting it (with accreditation) in published work.
  2. On the other hand, it does not mean I approve, support or endorse anything you say.
  3. This is the internet. Everything you write on the internet belongs to you, forever. (That can be dug up and connected to you when you're running for office.) Post with that in mind.

Following these Guidelines Will Help Your Comments Avoid Being Deleted or Modified, and Help You Avoid Being Blocked:
  1. One user address, one username. We frown on sock puppetry.
  2. Everybody commenting on my blog is a human being. I value my commenters as such, and I expect you to address them as such, as well.
  3. Do I have to say No Spam? Do I? Fine. No spam. No bots, either.
  4. If I tell you to cool it, back off, or stay focused, please comply.
  5. Basically: don't be an asshole. It's my blog. Only I'm allowed to be an asshole here, if I wish. If you have a problem with that, comment elsewhere.

If you have trouble with getting your comments deleted here, or having my readers keep on coming at you... read this, and try again.

Did I delete your comment?

My comment policy used to be in rhyme. Here it is, for posterity.

A little story, to begin:

A brave keyboard warrior named Smee
emboldened by anonymity,
with misogyny bile
and a gospel quite vile
posted ravings and rantings freely.

Roboseyo knew not what to do
as the racist and sexist words flew
for a while found it sport
to provoke a retort
but then quickly got tired of the spew.

Thanks to trolling this website did boast
twenty, thirty plus comments per post
all because of a dude
whose cartoonishly rude
comments seemed like a piss-take at most.

But the trashy fun starts getting tired
once the blog's entire content is mired
in a back-and-forth row with
a self-righteous blow-
hard whose kneejerk replies seem hard-wired.

So before my free blog gets derailed
I'll be sure that the trolls get curtailed
don't let jerks have their mirth:
a good chat is well worth
the due vigilance that it entailed.

and... my policies:

Stay on topic:
If a commenter's words barely link
to the topic on which the post thinks
don't be shocked if the tangent
leads to rudeness more flagrant:
I will moderate quick as a wink.

Be polite:
And if courtesy seems somewhat lacking
be it known the trolls shall have a smacking:
for I keep a short leash
before hitting delete
thus the chat in good faith can get cracking.

Though your views may not all be PC,
though the webhost himself disagree,
if you write with respect
you can surely expect
that your comment will stay up to see

And if rude it won't matter a bit
where my personal opinion sits:
though I like how you think
if you act like a dink,
your discourtesy will take the hit.

Use a name to earn the benefit of the doubt
When Anonymous one two and three
All dramatically argue with me
they get shockingly less
of a margin to test
just how patient moderation can be

But if arguing under a name
Be it KimchiCthulhu or Shane
I'll extend you some flack;
if you often come back
I'll return loyalty for the same.

But hey: it's my blog...
And if I'm in a generous mood,
on a whim I might answer the rude:
get a couple barbs in
for a kick and a grin...
or it might be a ban for the 'tude

'Cause this here is my website, not yours
so I set the rules and the mores
if there's stuff you don't like
you can take a quick hike
to more troll-friendly sites by the scores.

Leaving a comment equals permission to use your comment however I want:
If a piece, paid or unpaid's commissioned,
And your comment would be its completion
You'll get credit, but gee,
don't expect royalties: 
Leaving comments implies free permission 

But they're your words:
But forget not fair commenter true
words said online may trace back to you:
and forever they're here
to embarrass: I fear
You're responsible for what you do.

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