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There are a bazillion pages with useful information about life in Korea.  I'll be compiling a list here of everything I think would be useful to my readers.  Before you decide to write your "authoritative, all-in-one" guide to life in Korea, save yourself some work, and see if one of these websites hasn't already compiled a useful list of resources.

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Best advice to find information about life in Korea:
Ten Websites to Make Your Life In Korea Easier

New in Korea?
Learn Korean
Hangul (writing system)
A Huge List Of Online Korean Language learning resources
Comparative reviews of "Study Korean" books
Learn Korean Online
Korean Class 101's Youtube Channel
Talk To Me In Korean
Korean Flash Cards
Sogang's online Korean Course comes highly recommended
Recommended by I'm No Picasso: Learn Korean Now
Recommended by Roboseyo: Korean Class 101
Acquiring Korean (blog)
More complete list of learning Korean resources

Basic Living in Korea
at Galbijim
Chris in South Korea's "Coming to Korea" series is a great starter
Getting a federal apostille from the USA (as of April 2012)
Buying big women's shoes in Korea

Learn the basics about Korea:
Before you come for a year: What to pack.
Ask a Living in Korea question to "Korean Helpers" (facebook page)

Learn about traveling around Korea:
Drugs in Korea (more)
Using the bus (Youtube video)

Get connected, get involved:

HOPE Helping Others Prosper through English
More links to volunteering opportunities, and other info, here.

Connect socially:

Event Listings:
10 Magazine Event Calendar
Groove Magazine/HiExpat Events

Lists of doctors and dentists in Korea
Hospitals with English speaking staff
Mental and emotional health resources

Learn more about Korea:

The Koreans, by Michael Breen: first book anybody should read about Korea
(online) - Education Fever -want to know why English education is this way? Google book. (order)


Korean film


General ESL websites - job boards, discussion boards, etc..
Hi Expat
Korea Pot
Dave's ESL Cafe

Teaching in Korea
Tips for teaching in a Korean University

Getting a little deeper:

Don't be one of "Those" expats - Gord Sellar's "Expat Social Fallacies" Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Conclusions.
A curated list of worthwhile online documentaries about North Korea.

Guides to Random Stuff You Might Do In Korea
(please e-mail me with suggestions for links in this section)
Lasik Surgery