Monday, October 05, 2020

On Trump-Biden Debate 1, and Donald Trump's Covid 19 Diagnosis...

If you've been listening to the podcast I've been doing, you know some of my positions on US politics. I have opinions, y'all! 

So far, my favorite take on Trump's Covid diagnosis has got to be Jake Tapper from CNN.

"You have become a symbol of your own failure. Get well, and get it together."

I have a feeling few minds are actually changed by these videos (before the videos, it was webcomics, and/or SNS text blocks) where one side of one of our culture wars has their position crystallized into a concise, clear expression. I understand that the function of viral clips like this is probably mostly just preaching to the choir so that they can nod along, pound the desk, shout "Heck yeah!" and feel right about their position. I even know that pickling in self-reinforcing content exacerbates the echo chamber/information silo effect and makes it harder for dialogue to happen across political alignments. I know all that, but still... that was well put. 

If Mr. Tapper wasn't enough for you, I also made a thing that I'd like to share.

If you would like to know my thoughts about Donald Trump's performance at the September 29, 2020 presidential debate (jackass trying but failing to score a knockout punch, so combining the worst traits of a drunk uncle and a hyper toddler instead...but for understandable reasons, given who we're dealing with), the conceit that debates are supposed to persuade undecided voters (4:50), the thing we learn from his behavior by reading between the lines (7:24), his subsequent Covid 19 diagnosis (8:52) (so frustrating that there is so little good faith or trust that even a White House health bulletin has people asking 'What's the angle here') what some of those angles might be (9:23 and 11:20), the way this distracts from what we should be talking about right now (10:27), the tough guy image Trump's cultivated (12:04), whether Trump even could pull off a con like a fake Covid infection (13:10), or the people gloating (14:30) or wishing Trump ill online (14:58) and how that plays into what happens to Trumpism next... go ahead and watch this!

And... if all that political stuff was too much, here's a video of a street performance that I keep coming back to.

Take care of yourselves, dear readers.