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Social Commentary and Controversial Stuff
That Racist MBC Video from 2012
On Ugly English Teachers and Racist Korean Journalists
Freedom of Speech in Korea
Blackface in Korea
Eating Dogs
On the (Ridiculous) Portrayal of Foreigners in Korean media
Weddings, K-Pop, Korean Food and Purity: Who Owns a Culture?
Seoul City Should Not Be So Sensitive about Lonely Planet's Criticisms
Student Suicide and the College Entrance Exam
Netizen Bullies Intimidating Foreign Bloggers in to Closing their Blogs (this article was adapted for The Korea Herald)

Korean Politics
How Pres. Park Geun-hye Can Revitalize Korean Politics
Why Ahn Cheol Su should Not Run For President

North Korea
Why Expats Aren't Worried about North Korea
Crossing: Movie about North Korea
The UN Human Rights Report on North Korea
Upon the Death of Kim Jong-il

Identity and Membership Issues in Korea
SNL Korea Mocking Overseas Adoptees

Some of my earliest cracks at Commentary:
5 Things I'd Change about Korea
What is a Kimcheerleader?

Funny or Fun Posts:
10 Things I Love About Korea (my original 10 things list)
My Fictional Trip to Kyoto
All My April Fools' Prank Posts

Gender Issues
Street Harassment: Hollaback Korea
In Defense Of Tumblr Feminists
A Female President Does Not Equal A Gender-Equal Society
Sexism and Soju ads
Bikkis sexually harassing pretty girls

The State of English Teaching in Korea
Open Letter to First-year English Teachers
Media's inaccurate portrayal of Foreign English Teachers

Coming to Korea
Should you come to Korea?
Marijuana IS a big deal here
Will I be bothered Here if I Go Around with My Non-Korean Date?

Making the Most of Korea
How to Love the Heck out of Korea
Making friends with Koreans and foreigners
Embracing Un-Korean-ness, or Why Not To Isolate Yourself from Korea

Korea and Japan
Why Japan Shouldn't Apologize to Korea Right Now

Korean Food
Korean Food: Healthy, Foreign Food: Unhealthy?
Ddeok, Korea's Weird Rice Cake

Roboseyo in Other Media
All my writing for the Korea Herald
My article in Newsweek Korea
Featured in the Canadian Embassy Newsletter

Korean Movies, Music, Celebrities and Popular Culture
Shin Joong-hyun's Most Important Song
The Kim Sisters: Early Korean Artists Successful in America
Young Korean Artists Doing Old Korean Music
I hated the Korean movie "My Sassy Girl"
Hyuna and Ajeosshi Fans
Kim Yuna's Perfect Skate
Lee Hyori plays Fetish Bingo
Korea Needs Kim Yuna
KPop Video Bingo
Where's the Awesome Kpop?
KPop + Trot = Awesome
More Trot

My Most Famous Series: Complaining Expats
Why do Expats in Korea Complain so Much?
Why do Koreans Get so Defensive?
Links to the full Complaining Expats/Defensive Koreans Series with Ask A Korean!

Blogging about Blogging
Get your K-blog noticed
My friend Brian in Jeollanam-do.
Discussing things on the Internet sucks sometimes
5 Signs You Should Take a Self-Proclaimed Korea Expert's Words With a Grain of Salt

More about Korea:
D-war and blind nationalism
Korea Branding
My favorite Ajumma moment

Random stuff:
Olympic Torch Relay in Seoul
why i write
Cirque du Soleil
Christmas Music
Music: Structuring a Great Album Side A. Side B.

I Wrote a Lot of Retrospectives in January, 2010
The Top Ten Expat News Stories of 2009
The Top Ten K-Blog Stories of 2009
The Top Ten Roboseyo moments of 2009

Is Seoul A Good Place for Cyclists?
Places to Visit in Korea
North Korea
World Cup 2006
Morning Calm Garden
Boryung Mud Festival,
climbing Chiak Mountain
China 2008-09
Busan 1 and 2
Where to travel in Jeollanam-do. (Guest post from Brian)

My mom's eulogy
Losing my mom
Grieving: the Jesa (제사) post
My Grandfather, my hero
Eulogy for my Grandfather (other words about him)
My Brother's Wedding Toast
Advent Meditation 2007 (part 1 and 2)
Advent Meditation 2008 (part 1 and 2)
Advent Meditation 2009 (part 1 and 2)

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