Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Reason Number 1 that Korean Highway Rest Stops ROCK!

First Thing:

Korean highway rest stops are THE GREATEST PLACE to buy Trot, 트로트 music, in the world. There was a song I heard in a taxi and found catchy enough to sing, and get it stuck in my friend Amy's head. . . I went down to the Trot Music Stand which EVERY Korean rest stop has, and sang a bit of the song, and the lady pulled out just the CD. Cheap, too -- a double-CD - two full hours of cheesy musical goodness -- for only ten thousand won (and the way the won's going, may as well spend it these days).

This is the song: a goofy, great, silly, catchy as hell song to accompany your drive.

I don't know why they ONLY have Trot at the rest stops -- you'd think dropping in a few other genres would make sense . . .but I'm not gonna go looking a blessing from heaven in the mouth, now, am I?

장윤정 - 이따이따요 Chang Yoon Jung - Later,Later

You know you wanna dance.

The other great thing about trot music is this: it is absolutely the best noraebang (karaoke) music in the world. It's simple, not hard to sing, and instantly familiar for everyone around. I swear these songs are written to head straight for the Karaoke room, but buddy, it works.

and now you're gonna have that song in your head all day.


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Paul said...

There's a television station that seems to play a lot of live trot performances -- have you ever caught that show? If I ever come across it while flipping through channels it never fails to eat up at least 30 minutes of my time.

This is samedi, by the way. For some reason Google/CAPTCHA won't let me sign in to OpenID using my LiveJournal account. (I get a '400 Bad Request' error from Google)