Monday, October 27, 2008

Nirvana in Korea: Lithium, or Roboseyo's chuckle for the day

The Original Song, by Nirvana

Now, the SECOND goofiest version of the song.
(by the bliss-out band, polyphonic spree, with sock puppets)

Thanks to No-Brain, the Korean punk band, (makers of this song, which I like) and the album of Nirvana covers by Korean punk bands slipped to me by Gomushin Girl. (thanks, eh?), we have a new champion for goofiest version of an awesome song (Lithium is one of the greatest Noraebang songs EVER too, just so's you know.)  This is pure beauty: wait for the chorus, and listen to the dude's pronounciation.


Gomushin Girl said...

Curses, foiled again!
My secret plot to drive you insane to the strains of No Brain shouting OI! appears to have failed . . .I should have known your feeble intellect would be unaffected by the relentless clapping and mirthful shouting. I'll have to move on to plan B now, and find that Wonder Girls cover of "My Humps" . . .

Unknown said...

The guy singing the No Brain version reminds me of the "retarded" guy singing the burger king song to the tune of that Christmas bell song. You know, "ding fries are done..."

Unknown said...

On second thought, it sounds like something from an episode of "Crank Yankers"

Unknown said...

Hi Roboseyo. I´ve been looking around forever for the album of Nirvana covers by Korean punk bands (Crying nut, No brain...), Looking for it I found your blog and saw that you actually have it!

Could you please share it with me? I really really want to listen to it. Hope you read this.

My e-mail in case you could is: