Sunday, March 01, 2015

Pictures From The Old Camera

As I clear out the dropbox photo upload folder, and the iPhoto photo album (which is a pain in the ass to clean up), I come across many photos I took, planning to share on the blog, and then failed to share.

So, in order to empty out my pockets and finally delete the durn things, here we go... apologies if any are repeats.

A jaunty mannequin I like:

Taken this year: I can't believe people are still doing window cleaning and building work on these things. One of those cases where a method developed for a city with buildings that were four stories high just got carried over until buildings were way higher than the method was built for.

In case 치멕 (chimek -- short for chicken and mekju, or chicken and beer) wasn't a horrifying enough portmanteau, let's add "피멕" - Pimek (or Pi-mac) - short for pizza and chicken.

While we're at it, let's all look for menus featuring "NaMek" (Nachos and mekju), "Wimek" (Wings and Mekju) and... ugh. I have to stop.

Unfortunate name for a skin lotion:

From a christmas event. I got nothing.

Heck of a spelling for Cinderella.

Spotted on a mountain trail.

The projector that is supposed to project mysterious and mesmerizing patterns on the sidewalk of a plaza near Cheonggyecheon had some technical problems.

Something I love about Korea:
(spotted at the Daegu KTX station)

The best "rock & roll" pun in a restaurant name I've ever seen.

This made the 13-year-old in me giggle.

because it looks like a penis.

Proper subway behavior PSA. From years ago. Have things improved?

A few years old. The Hangul museum presumed anybody who'd walk by were Korean. But wrote the sign in English. Despite all the talk of global promotion, sometimes the people making signs and writing brochures accidentally tip their hands. Sigh.

This old man is the best.

Tee hee.

(Insert joke about firecrotch here)

This banana has clearly had enough.

Give a silly man a baby bjorn and this is what happens.

Give a silly man a prop-up baby chair and this is what happens.

My (now second) favorite bilingual restaurant name pun ever. It's "Maek-ju-nal-deu" which is one syllable different from the Korean spelling of MacDonalds ("Maek-do-nal-deu").
However, it is no longer my favorite restaurant name pun because I found a sausage and pork restaurant in Seodaemun named "Seo-dwae-ji and the boys" 서돼지 and the boys" -- SeoTaeJi is perhaps the most important Korean music star in K-pop history, and Dwae-ji is the Korean word for pig.

The very beginning of what would become my favorite coffee shop in the world.

Sorting the coffee beans so customers only get the best ones.

Storing the beans on the wall.

 Still run by this man, who is a hand-drip artist. I am so glad the place is doing really well.