Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ssomi & Hobo is a Very Unfunny Comic

I was on the SeoulPodcast again a little while ago, in a big ol' double-down party podcast loaded with a whack of cool K-bloggers and other assorted Korea personalities.  Go check it out.  It's shorter than the last one, and everybody's a bit giddy, because we recorded it the evening after Obama was elected, but I enjoyed listening to it, and maybe you will too.

Next item: so, some people looked at some of the very unfunny comic strips out there, and decided they needed to be mercilessly mocked.

So Scott Meets Family Circus, and makes it funny again.
Garfield Without Garfield is an incredibly sad portrait of Jon's actual loserness...and it's funnier without its titular character than with.
And Marmaduke explained is awesome too. At least, it was a year ago, when I first came across it.

Well, Ssomi & Hobo is a comic that appears daily in the Korea Herald.  Now, whether it is actually funny in the Korean language in which it was obviously originally written, before it was translated into dull, lifeless, unfunny and just weird English, I don't know.  But in English, it is mostly proof that either some types of humor don't translate, or what Koreans think is funny is very different from what Koreans do.  The kindest thing I found said about it in English (on the only page of google hits) was from spunangel, who blogs, "It's a good cartoon to read when you're hungover and nothing makes sense."  The unkindest things were...less kind.  Dave's people didn't like it much.

Over at Zenkimchi, Joe has been posting SoSueMe & Hobo comics, parodies made by a guy named Karl.  I like them, but I wanted to take a crack at Ssomi & Hobo myself.  Here is a sample of the sheer unfunniness of Ssomi & Hobo, followed by two attempts by moi to improve them.  The text is small, so you might have to click on the picture to see a close-up.

Hope ya like it.

The original:
My first crack at improving Ssomi & Hobo:
And, in what might become a recurring send-up here at Roboseyo (if you like it), I thought I'd start a parody of my own, and try to make this thing funny for you, my dear readers.  Without further ado, I present: Ssomi and Roboseyo. 
Have a good one, all.



JIW said...


Roboseyo said...

I'm pretty bad at reading emoticons...what does -.- mean? I'm guessing, "Roboseyo, this was one of your funniest posts yet, and I hope you make many more Ssomi & Roboseyo comics, so that I can tell all my friends to visit your site and send you money for no reason."

I could be wrong, though.

Gomushin Girl said...

I now realize my elaborate plots to destroy you are unnecessary. I will let Ssomi and Hobo do my work for me, and begin thinking about which city I will destroy next in my evil quest to take over the world.
ps the word verification is milifyi, which I find so funny I think I'm going to start using it in daily conversation.

Roboseyo said...

what meaning shall we give it, and would it be pronounced "mil-if-yEE" or "mil-if-EYE"? Let me think about it: i'm actually pretty good at coming up with meanings for imaginary words.