Wednesday, November 26, 2008

FIle under WTF: Toys in Dongdaemun Market, Bum Jokes in Korea

Bum and poop jokes are a refined art here in Korea:
see Zenkimchi and Brian for more.  (Especially this one.)

Knowing this makes it no less surprising to come across something like this.

Found in Dongdaemun Market.

Uhh... yeah.
And that's all for today, folks.

Stay warm.


Brian said...

LOL, I was thinking about doing a post about the google result for "korea loves bum jokes brian." Congratulations, jerk, now you're the number one search result for that.

Roboseyo said...

Hey. I had to find those pages you wrote back in the day.

Slowly I will steal all your number one google results.

Anyway, you were number three on that search, even BEFORE I hit publish.

JIW said...

I wonder what else is in there. These kinds of toys are found in America too... still doesn't make em any better.

Anonymous said...

One of the eateries near me has that particular pen at the counter to sign your credit card with.

It's very unappetizing.