Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Have any of you heard about this?

Apparently there's some kind of an election coming up, in China or America or Germany or something. . . 

have any of you heard about this?  If it's important (and I think it might be), I wish the media were more on top of things, and did a better job of making sure people got wind of important changes on the world scene.  I mean, especially the Chinese or Americans or Germans or whoever -- they have to vote and stuff.

Anyway, next time around, I hope there's a little more coverage, you know, if it's important and all.  And whoever it is that's having the election (google didn't turn up much), I hope they get out and vote and all.  And that the best candidate (sorry; haven't heard about who they are, or what each of them has to offer) will win.  I'm tired of all the under-coverage in the news these days.  It's frustrating having to try so hard just to find out what's going on.

Update: Here. I think this is what I heard about. Helen Clark vs. John Key on the 8th, for New Zealand's next pope (that's what they have in New Zealand, isn't it?).


JIW said...

Oh for Pete's sake it is Obama vs, McCain...and it IS something to talk about!

JIW said...

Oh and I hope I wasn't too shy during our visit. I think I could have been more fun than I was. But anyways I had a great time hearing you guys go on and on about stuff. hehe... also since I was with 3 other English speakers I sometimes felt like I was in Americ.

Bo Kwan said the samething too that since he was following us around he thought he was in America again..haha.

okay back to work~