Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Random Linky Stuff

Welcome 2 Seoul has a good primer on Korean street food...except that Kimbap isn't like Korean sushi.  It's closer to Korean california roll, except kimbap came first, so really, California Roll is American style kimbap...but if we steal away Korea's right to name things that are uniquely Korean after more famous things that AREN'T Korean, (in order to convince people of their inferiority, rather than establish their uniqueness) Christmas will be cancelled.


Visiting Korean Stadiums said...

EPL Soccer would be the English Premier League, football, the game you play with a ball and your feet?

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. In SA we call it soccer as well, but very few people will dare call the game in England soccer. They play soccer in Australia, North America and even in South Africa, but in the UK the play football. I have come to call it football around people from the US to confuse them and for no other reason.

davidsmeaton said...

thanks for the mention ... always much appreciated. i get a few hits from your site too. ;)

in australia, we call it soccer too, but mostly because we have 4 football codes and it's the only way to distinguish between them.

mostly i discuss liverpool (my team) but other teams also get a mention.