Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Uhh...that's weird.

Blogger analytics tells me that two people found my page by googling "Roboseyo nude" today...


Now Brian has a feature on his page where he checks the google search keywords that brought people to his page, and sometimes writes about the things people typed in to learn about, and found their way to his site instead -- to fill in the information gaps, if you will.

I thought I'd be similarly obliging, for my (creepy) fans.
Here you go.  A Roboseyo nude, for whoever that was that wanted it.
Have a good day, weirdo.

*special note: no, just because I obliged this one time, I still will not post photos, no matter how often you google "Roboseyo bestiality gay foot fetish tentacle porn"  Sorry, Evil Jennifer.

Dec 2: Update: Somebody googled "Roboseyo Bestiality" three times yesterday. Not gonna do it. Nope.


Garrett said...



Roboseyo said...

Now don't everybody take credit at once.

Brian said...

I have a couple "by popular demand"s in storage, but it's becoming harder and harder to do it. Not just that I get more hits than I did six months ago and can only see the last 100, but also because I get all kinds of weird stuff. Back when my claim to fame was doing a post on the Wonder Girls AND Soulja Boy, I got all kinds of strange searches for them, like "pictures of Wonder Girls and Soulja Boy outside just them." I used to keep track of all the examples of people who didn't know how to use the google machine, but I can't keep track of all of them anymore. To this day, though, I get dozens of hits for the lone Wondergirls picture I posted on my site.

Because of the language I use, though, I get hits for more graphic stuff. Only a small fraction is for NSFW material---check out The Marmot's sitemeter, though, and you'll see that pretty much everything he gets is for porn---but for a while I was the top result for "Best Korean [backside]" because I used "Korean" and "[backside]" in the same post once. I was also near the top for "Mongolian sex," and I'm sorry to say that I get hits for underage pornography based on some of the sex abuse cases I've written about.

It's interesting to see what people are searching for, and to sometimes throw them a bone to make the blog more useful. But, man . . . some people.