Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jens Lekman at Freebird

Yesterday night I saw Jens Lekman sing at Freebird in Hongdae. It's rare enough that the kinds of artists I like play in Korea, because I generally go for the indie, undergroud, DIY songwriter stuff that doesn't show up on a noraebang playlist, so when Jens came, I had to try and catch him.

He was good. First off, if I can rock a receding hairline as well as he does, I'll be in good shape if I ever lose my hair. Second, that mopey crooney voice, along with fun arrangements, some bouncy twee pop and a light touch, made for a night of good music, if not the kind of thundrous arena rock which has people spinning out their car tires in the concert hall parking lot.

Finally, I swear, two thirds or more of the females there had epic crushes on this cat... which goes to show what you can do if you have a moon-spoon-croon kind of voice. If you don't know Jens Lekman, you should give him a try: his last two albums have both been listenable, clever, fun music that isn't too intrusive on your Sunday afternoon tea.

It was fun; I for one, particularly enjoyed the light show, and of course, I made a video.

He's playing again tonight at 7pm in FF Club, a few doors down from Jokerred, in Hongdae, if you're in the area. Catch him if you can: who knows when the next time a sensitive but fun hipster whispery white-bread crooner-songwriter my-girlfriend-has-a-huge-crush-on-this-pop-singer-with-widows-peaks-who-wears-plaid-collared-t-shirts-in-publicity-photos will come to town. (Sufjan Stevens, anyone?)


JIW said...

hey again let us do some file sharing ;) night out

Roboseyo said...

tell me three artists you like and (if I can) I'll send you in the direction of other stuff like it.

Whitey said...

Nice post but it started with "Yesterday night..."

You haven't been in Korea long enough for bad English to infect your writing like that.

Roboseyo said...

I don't know, Whitey. I think approaching five and a half years is plenty time for my English to become many more bad.

Whitey said...

Thank you for your explaining. It's my mistake. I guess you stay here in Korea maybe 2 year.

Sorry, teachu.

Roboseyo said...

My Englandspeak become doubleplusungood.

Thank you for understanding.

Anonymous said...

i saw sufjan stevens a few years back at the Paramount in Seattle. Best show I've ever seen. Maybe after he's done writing his albums about the United States (one for each is what I've heard) he can start on Korea.