Monday, November 24, 2008

Want something to get mad about? How about this abortion of justice.

 Extended family members look after handicapped girl, repeatedly rape her, get suspended sentence in order to take care of her in lieu of parents.

HT. to Brian in Jeollanamdo, who continues climbing the "Must-read K-blog" charts.  Me, I got nothing.  If I say more then twenty words about this I'm going to lay down a rant so vitriolic that unicorns and elves will be killed by all the evil will and poisonous bile pouring out of me.


Mark Eaton said...

Even the most philosophically adept thinkers and debaters would have a difficult time with this one. Surreal.

Brian said...

It would have been too crass to link to other abortions of justice, such as those you've got on the other page, and others we've been keeping track of this past year. Completely insane.

Roboseyo said...

Yeah. I'll put the link onto that page, but this one has to stand on its own as a singular outrage.