Sunday, April 12, 2009

Best Cherry Blossom Pictures:Kyunghee University

sitting around outside.
late afternoon sun
Kyunghee's main gate
When there's just too much beauty, too many cherry blossoms, how do you come up with any kind of composition?

Easy: photoshop some people into the foreground

stealing a kiss

white in sunlight
same tree at HUFS

this couple was having way too much fun
i love taking pictures of people taking pictures of other people
one of the better shots from the group
you know I went through about 700 pictures to get these best few

that's all. ate at the spanish place in Paju again today. still the best Sangria I've had, no contest.

More about that later.

PS: Post number 550!


JR said...

Great Shots!

you know I went through about 700 pictures to get these best few

I know the feeling!

Mindy said...

Hey! I just wanted to thank you for the Jenny's Bread shout out. I've been searching for a decent sammy for a while now and the best I'd had so far was a place in Apgujeong. (Ciobella, I think it's called.) Anyway, Jenny's was awesome. I'm definitely hooked:)

Chris in South Korea said...

Ahh Roboseyo,
Your pictures are certainly wonderful - I suspect mine will turn out nicely from the festival near the National Assembly building... We'll see what turns out. Did you make it out that way?

Roboseyo said...

Thanks Chris and Mindy and Nosaj.

Chris: I didn't make it out to Yeouido; I went one year, but was thoroughly turned off by the overcrowding. Maybe another year, maybe at an off-time of day, but more likely I'll try to head out of town next year instead, and catch something in the countryside, where the foot traffic might not be as dense.

pepper said...

Hi Roboseyo,

nice pics!

I'm very lucky to have come across your blog(spent the whole evening and had a lot of fun reading your posts. a big thx!!!).

I really like your pictures and if I may, I'd like to save some of those(pics of magnolias)for my laptop wall papers. It's my favorite flower and I've been terribly homesickened recently(I'm a Korean who lives in Canada) and I just can't get enough of it. Your pics are.. what can I say, so real. Maybe it's because I know the place the pictures were taken or it's just time for me to visit home again. well, anyhow..

It would be grateful if you'd let me use your pics for my homesick remedy :)

Have a good one,


Roboseyo said...

Feel free, Pepper. Go ahead and take them, and you can even post them on your blog or whatever, as long as you credit your source.

Jason said...

700 pics to get those, eh?

I think I took about 500 on Saturday in Yeouido . . . still haven't had time to edit . . . hehehe, we'll see if I can get it below 100, lol.

Nice pics,

Jason said...

Oh yeah, I took some video footage of the mob I had to wade through while walking around Yeouido.

I think next year I'll visit somewhere else . . . it's getting a little old to walk around the assembly buildings with ten bizillion Koreans taking glamour shots of each other . . .


Phoenixstorm said...

Wow Everyone and their mama avoided Yeouido this year which was probably a smart move. Silly me.

The practically almost drowned in a sea of people. Fun times though.

Darth Babaganoosh said...

Dammit. Went to Kyunghee one week too early.