Monday, April 13, 2009

Looks like James Turnbull was Right: Nudity in Korean Advertising Increases

James, at The Grand Narrative, predicted an increase in racy ads featuring nudity and body parts, due to trends visible during economic downturns.

For example, this one:
While on the subway, I noticed this ad, and realized he was totally right.

Be ready. It's pretty shocking that this would show in a public place...

Gratuitous nudity! Shameless! So many naked people in a single room! What's going on with Korea's public morality?

Can't get it to embed. Follow the link.
 Hint: it's babies.


Anonymous said...

LOL. About embedding the video: Naver recently tinkered with the code because of copyright issues - no really, stop laughing - so now they can't be embedded in anything but other Naver-related sites. Means you have to save the video and upload it to YouTube yourself (my solution) or something like that.

Dammed annoying on a blog about Korean ads, I can tell you!

Anonymous said...

I'm also surprised. Never seen such "nudity" in korean transport.