Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Picture of the Day, and Possibly the Week

Here's another contender: the ricetard snack was sure a good one,

but inspecting my follower's list, I discovered Korea, Books and Calories, and on her blog, Okibum had posted this outrageous, uproarious picture of a t-shirt.

My weiner has a heart on for you. Yep. That's right.

Seriously, I want to have the job of the person who comes up with wacky English T-shirt slogans. I'd even try to market them in North America. I think they'd catch on.


Bekah said...

That's so wrong it's just incredibly right. I want that shirt.

King Baeksu said...

Ricetard = Mentally challenged Twinkie.

Roboseyo said...

be nice, scott. Ricetard sure does sound like some kind of a racist slur, but I'd rather not have that kind of joking on my site, thanks.

(ps: thanks also for what you wrote on the other comment board)

King Baeksu said...

Rob, I was just satirizing the marketing people who came up with this brand name and were too unprofessional to focus group it first with native English speakers (hey, isn't Korea "multiculti" now?) and see that the connotation of both "rice" and the suffix lead to a very awkward and unsavory combined meaning -- thereby subverting the intended denotative meaning. Just taking things to their logical conclusion to make a larger point, that's all.

Unknown said...

There is a shop in South African called Big Blue and they stuff like this. The shirts are intentional, but it is usually culturally specific to South Africa.

I bought a shirt that makes fun of Afrikaans people (I'm one) that reads "I are wearing a jean pant." People are always amazed when I tell them it is not Korean at all.

Point is, I can't see why stuff like this will not sell if you sell them in the way and the right locations.