Saturday, April 04, 2009

Requestoseyo: Female K-Bloggers

See, as I look at the sidebar here at Roboseyo, I notice that the female bloggers listed are a tiny minority. On several of the comment boards of well-known K-blogs, as well, feminine voices very rarely assert themselves, and it is with great sadness that I acknowledge that the great-idea-too-bad-this-happened Naked In The Sauna is now largely defunct.

With Amanda Takes Off, Lao Ocean Girl, and Expat Jane repatriating...

who ARE the female K-bloggers you like to read, my dear readers?

I'm already a regular reader of Foreign/er Joy, Expatriate Games, Annalog, both the male and female halves of Eat Your Kimchi, Chubbo Chubbington, A Long Time Ago When The Tiger Smoked a Cigarette..., and the also largely defunct Gomushin Girl, but that's only seven out of the fifty on my RSS feed, so it stands to reason (given the approximate 50/50 percentage of males to females in the world) that I must be missing some.

Now, not because I write this blog to pick up girls or anything: with girlfriendoseyo I'm covered on that front...but I'm worried that I might be letting down any guys who might be reading my blog to pick up girls. (We had an interesting talk in my conversation class about What's the best way to meet your soulmate, and reading strangers' blogs was third on the list, you know.) K. In all seriousness, though, I DO feel like I'm letting down any female readers who didn't give up on me completely with that last lame joke, in providing a place where they can find out about, and hopefully connect with, other female K-bloggers, and see that side of things here.

Fill me in, readers! Who else should I be reading?


Phoenixstorm said...

Check out


Jackie Bolen said...

Check out my blogs:

This one is life stuff:

This one is classroom stuff:

Kelsey said...

I'm one!

JIW said...

It is time ladies we come out of the woodwork!

Lily said...

Well there was me. Funk Seoul Sister -

but I'm going to be moving back to America soon, after a quick spin around SE Asia - hoping to blog about things left unsaid - but I can't promise anything.

Anonymous said...

I've only been here 2.5 months, so I don't have much there yet, but I blog about my experiences in Korea here:

(and I'm female)

Jelly said...

*Weeping* Validate ME!!!!

John said...

Well, I was going to recommend Jelly's I Got 2 Shoes blog (, but I see she has beat me to it.

Women blog less than men as a percentage of population, hence the disparity. Not sure why that is, but alas, there is much I do not understand about the fairer sex.

Ann Althouse, a pretty prominent stateside blogger, is engaged to one of her commenters. So, it can happen.

Roboseyo said...

Sorry, Jelly. You were one of the first female K-bloggers to link me on your sidebar, so you deserve a special thanks.

Special thank you very much.


Kelsey said...

John - Actually, there are huuuge numbers of female bloggers. Unfortunately, they overwhelmingly tend to write "mommy blogs", fashion blogs, etc. In the expat world in general (as in, non-Korea specific) there are actually more female expat bloggers than male ones, from what I have found.

t-hype said...

Do you read Amy's blog?
She's been here for a while.

Also, I don't know if I saw Diana:
or Jennifer:
on your list.

I know of several others, but they update as infrequently as I do or they've already left Korea.

Generally, 'like links to like'. There ARE a ton of female bloggers but since their blogs are generally more personal rather than new media 'news', they don't get as much linkage.

Okibum said...

I have one too. It is mostly about books and being a fat girl in Korea (Korea is not the easiest place to be overweight) and my K-boyfriend.

Regina said...

A friend who calls me her mentor ;) But she's in Korea and is still blogging:

Anonymous said...

Although there may be many "mommy" blogs out there I don't think that it's fair to discredit them as generally, those women have been long term internationals and have vast amounts of information and insight to offer to many newbies. Further more, they're having freaking babies in countries that others can't handle being in for more than 1 (or even shorter).
Feminist rant over. You can read my blog too! (shameless link I know ^^).
(haha verification word: disputin)

ZenKimchi said...

Big White Barbie

Socius (run by Kim Hogg)

SeoulPodcast Jennifer

The Constant Crafter

Gyopo Wife

Mama Seoul

Kelsey said...

I never said there was anything wrong with "mommy" blogs. It's just that I find that most expats tend not to link to those blogs, hence why they can be hard to find.

Jelly said...

Youre very special much welcome. Much it is my special pleasure.