Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bum Economy Got You Down? SNSD, Kim Yu-na and Samsung are here to help

All K-Pop reports:
Kim Yuna, SNSD (Girls' Generation in English) have teamed up to cheer up Korea with...the Ha Ha Song. According to All K-pop,
The Ha Ha Ha Campaign is an online cultural encouragement campaign in Korea to spread hope and cheerfulness.

Now, The Ha Ha Song was a pop song that came out a few years ago, which is really fun in the noraebang. Here's the original: I like the ska tinge.

Samsung previously had the ridiculously popular Kim Yuna do it (singing her own vocals, I bet. Crossover, here we come!) and the nearly as popular, dorky DongBangShinKi (I have a story about them) do the Ha Ha Song too, but as of the 14th, the indistinguishable Girls' Generation get the next crack. They also changed the song a bit, and gave it their own style, 'cause Girls' Generation, they wanna have fun.

And indeed, there's even a separate short video for every single member of SNSD. See if THAT helps you tell them apart.

All the Ha Ha's remind me of this:

Update: Found it!
Looks like South isn't the only Korea that knows the importance of laughter (if it is North Korean as advertised):

after a while this one reminds me a little of the creepy game-show from Requiem for a Dream.

In other news, Hite Stout has another way for you to release some stress: by pummeling an inflatable beer flute with a wooden stick while some cleavage looks on. As with any situation involving cleavage, the always-classy Chosun Ilbo's photographers were there to document it. HT to Brian

There's a joke to be made here, but I'll leave it for someone else to make.

Speaking of Yuna Kim, if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it can also be the lamest.


Brian said...

That SNSD video sucks. Please don't post anything like that again.

Actually I think that Hite photoshoot was probably some tie-in with Black Day, since today was it. One of the neighboring photo sets was of "Black Propose." It's a shame I have to go to a PC room now every evening, since I put my fist through the screen when I saw that.

Roboseyo said...

Suck it up, Brian.

The Ha Ha video was mostly a pretense to put up the weird chinese Ha Ha video that's in the updated version.

John from Daejeon said...

As someone who appreciates good music (as well as an underdog of underdogs), you might enjoy this:



She rocks and proves there is hope for everyone if they don't give up--even a virgin at 47.

John from Daejeon

The Korean said...

Jaurim is truly one of the most musically accomplished bands in Korea. The lead singer actually has a very similar name as the skater -- 김윤아. And her genius in music and visual arts is nearly unparalleled in Korea. I cannot recall a single bad music video from them.

On the other hand, 소녀시대 video is a motherfucking abomination.