Monday, April 06, 2009

Coolest Video I've Posted This Year

K. So there's this thing called flash mobs, where a group of people plan some goofy prank in a public place, and then drop it on an unsuspecting public. Frankly, they're awesome: imagine having a flash mob interrupt your commonplace routine.

It started with universities, and a few guerilla videos from a group called Improv Everywhere,

Including food court musical.

the first really famous one was the New York Central Station freeze.

another one I liked was worshiping the purdue engineering fountain

This awesome game show prank in Japan made me smile.

A very clever "where's Waldo" flash mob in San Francisco

But the coolest thing I've ever seen, flash-mob-wise, has got to be this one.

Think about the preparation this would have taken, look at the numbers, and watch as it keeps topping itself.

Un. real.

Antwerp, Central Station.

Just watch it.

(HT Robin, on Facebook)


letsbook said...
I took part in something similar (inspired by improv everywhere) in 2007 in Hongdae.

Rebecca said...

That was awesome! I clapped for it.