Monday, November 09, 2009

2S2, November Edition this Saturday

Hey all. Don't forget to clear your calendar on Saturday afternoon for the second monthly 2S2 meetup.

For more explanation on what 2S2 is, and where to meet see this link.

For a write-up of the last 2S2, go here.

I'm hoping this one will have a bit bigger turnout than last month's, and if you're coming, bring a deck of cards or, even better, a set of gostop cards. The activity of the afternoon will be learning how to play/ playing Gostop. If you want to be extra-prepared, read the rules here.

So clear your calendars. More about it later, when I dont' have to prepare for a class.


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Brian said...

You're up there, and I'm down here. I won't be around in December, but if you all meet up in January, I should be able to make it.