Monday, November 30, 2009

A word on Greg Dolezal, ATEK President, and Death Threats

I've talked with Greg Dolezal, ATEK's first elected President, at length a few times on the phone. A lot has already been said about him and the threat made against his life on the Anti-English Spectrum comment boards, so I'll direct you to read about it there... but I just wanted to say, I want to put in a word in support of Mr. Dolezal. He's always been on the up and up, every time I've talked with him; he seems to have his head on straight and a good view of what's important and what can slide, and I'm grateful that he's stepped forward to lead ATEK in this formative year. I think he's a good man for the job, and I wish him the best.

Read about his death threat here

and here and here. And here's a report on it submitted to CNN by Stephannie White. I support him going after this guy, just to say, "We won't be pushed around," and "No, saying 'I was just kidding' is not an acceptable escape from responsibility for being a racist asshat"

Greg's part of a movement toward an expat community that's more integrated and connected, and I approve of that. Another person who's working on that is Shannon, from the Seoul Global Center, who was just featured on The Seoul Podcast, and came to my latest 2S2 meetup.

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