Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rubber Seoul and World AIDS Day

Rubber Seoul 2009

OK, everybody. World AIDS day is coming up, and my buddy, Tom Rainey-Smith contacted me, and wanted me to pass on word about an event called Rubber Seoul in Hongdae.

On December 5th, an event will be held to raise money to support AIDS, as well as to encourage people to practice safe sex. According to the press release, this is especially important in Korea because over here, 99% of new HIV/AIDS cases are transmitted sexually. The event will give you access to Janes Groove, FF, and DGBD, and all the bands playing in each of those places, all for just 10 000 won, plus you get a souvenir made by AIDS-affected South African women to take home.

Last year was a monster event, with 12 million won raised, which figures into... um... a whole lot of South African women's lives. This year, to top that, we'll need your help. If you blog, tell your blog pals about this one: it's a durn good cause and deserves a boost. Check out their facebook page or the Rubber Seoul blog for more info.

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