Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Been forgetting to take my camera

OK, first: As Good As It Gets is playing while I'm writing this, and I'd forgotten what a charming film it is. My new favorite part of Jack Nicholson movies is the part where other actors impersonate Jack Nicholson's character, because of course, everyone in Hollywood knows how to do Jack (pun intended). They did it in A Few Good Men, they do it in this movie. Anybody know another movie where somebody does their Jack Nicholson? All I want to see is a movie where somebody does their Al Pacino, or their Robert Deniro. You know there are dozens of spot-on Pacinos and Deniros in Hollywood, just waiting to make it on screen.

Anyway, I've been forgetting to take my camera out when I go meet my friends and stuff, but I'm generally having a good time. Found some nice spiced wine near Gyungbokgung, went back to my favorite tea place by Anguk, 2S2 was a success, and at my buddy Evan's birthday party, I ate so much brazilian steak that I was full for two days.

Here are some pictures from that day.
It was my buddy Evan's birthday party. Here's him and his buddy Jonathan making pirate faces (my idea... I should totally be a portrait photographer)

I'm gonna be sad when nobody remembers Zoolander, and Magnum.

And my friend Kelly NameChangedForPrivacy was also there: she looks good in a hat, but then, I haven't yet met a woman who doesn't look hot in a fedora, and a newsboy cap. I'd almost say every woman should own one of each, but then it would be less special.
she wouldn't do magnum for me.

I like hanging out with Kelly and Evan, because even though they met randomly in Korea, I'm buds with both of them. Even more unusual is this connection: both Evan's mother and Kelly's mother were best friends to my mother, at different times in my mom's life. That's cool.

I also had a spaghetti party, and my friend came: she used to be a coworker, and she's a nice lady. She's also a funny one, because she's a very pretty lady, yet whatever the opposite of photogenic is, she's it: in photos, she rarely more than 45% as pretty as she is in real life, but in this photo, she's all the way up to 70%, and I'm proud of that, so I'll take it.

things have changed from the "no gays in Korea" days.

Honestly, I think there are some memes involved in the ways bloggers and expats perceive Korean culture, that need to be retired. One of them is the "no gays in Korea" thing -- it gets passed around a lot, but fact is, it's been about four years since I've heard somebody tell me there are no gays in Korea, and I think that it's time to let that one die.

Another one is the one blood myth: maybe among the older generation it's sticking around a bit, but I think that the myth that ALL Koreans are pure-blood obsessed is losing its iron grip. I'm not ready to say it should be retired, because genealogy and blood heritage does still sometimes play a role in how some people think about the world, but I think it needs to be destabilized, and taken as a possibility rather than a given. So yeah, let's take the blood myth a little more on a case-by-case basis, rather than as if it were across the board. That monolithic FrankenKorean that gets stitched together from stories passed around, and examples of extreme cases, and ridiculous news stories illustrating further extreme cases, ought to be reexamined from time to time, in order to make sure we're not being just as flip and dismissive in our view of that diverse culture on the other side of the language barrier, as the worst of them are of us.

back to photos:
this cute couple was stuck in the crosswalk by insadong.

I got this picture shopping for halloween gifts... now I'm not sure if this is some celebrity...


maybe OJ?

or if the costume shop just wanted me to be able to dress as a spook for Hallowe'en. (Yes, I know that's an offensive word. The mask offended me.)

anybody here can read the Japanese? Leave a translation in the comments. I'm interested to know what it says.

They also had a sweet Barack Obama mask, but it was 40 000 won - a bit too much for me to pick it up. The ears were appropriately ginormous.

More later, dear readers.


Unknown said...

The top part says "Biggu Mausu" Which is a transliteration of "Big Mouth"
The orange part is a little bit more tricky. It seems to say "agemono niwa hi(ssi)za mo-~" I'm not exactly sure what the word with the parantheses in the middle is supposed to mean, but the first line is "in terms of fried food" and the last word is an expression, kind of like "wo~w"

Roboseyo said...

wow. anybody out there who can finish the translation? thanks for the help, Michael...

Brian said...

It's Bobby Ologun, a "gaijin talento" in Japan, who made a name/face for himself with that expression.

Though many of the foreigners who go on TV here act like buffoons, it seems like we have a long way to go until we can match the foreigners on Japanese TV.

Roboseyo said...
here's a picture that shows the resemblance.

Anonymous said...

That's a nice spaghetti party picture. Did her sister join? I miss hanging out with all of you.


Roboseyo said...

Yes, J, her sister was there, too, and buddy, you were also missed.

Bender said...

Speaking of "Bobby Ologun," apparently Billy Blanks of "Tae-Bo" fame is huge in Japan and settled down there with a Japanese wife. I don't know, I just thought that was amusing for some reason.

Yoboseyo said...

Looks like your friend 'Kelly' chose "Cute in Hat" instead of "Magnum". Seems to work.