Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ah, Korean Game Shows

The whole "Japan is weird" meme that goes around, and leads to tv shows in America like "I survived a Japanese Game Show" and the most bizarre scene in "Lost in Translation"

parodies have also been made.

but the real thing is wackier.

anyway, never one to be left in the dust, here's a clip from MY favorite silly game on a KOREAN game show: the steel trash-can-lid karaoke showdown! (make sure you watch to the end to see what happens if you get the words wrong). I believe they're usually made to sing a folk song, and I've seen some really famous stars go through this rigmarole. I just put this on one of my friends' facebook walls, to cheer her up, because she's sick, and I thought I'd share it with you, too.

yeah Korea.

and aw heck: for good measure...
the greatest Korea-made short video I've ever seen:


Anonymous said...

i really needed the steel lids tonight. thank you rob!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Not sure if this is related (or appropriate...but)

Darth Babaganoosh said...

Korea's best "game show" was "위험한 초대"... When the female guest says the wrong thing, the males hosts get blasted in the face with a firehose. When she use the wrong gesture, they get a bucket of water dumped on their head (just a waterhose in the early days of the show).

Unless you want to include "No Brain Survivor" (a spoof of the Brain Survivor gameshow)

Agung Widi Prasetyo said...

owh, it's so pity, I can't see it for now. but let me left my trace here. :D btw, can U help to give me any info about games in korean? games2 that can be used between family members or between friends or even neighbours so we can have fun together. :D