Monday, October 12, 2009

From the movie flyers

Picked up these movie flyers a while back.

I love that because Nicolas Cage married a Korean, his movies are three times more popular (should I say K-popular?) in Korea than in America, and even his craptasticolioso work runs for the better part of a month. (Ghost Rider, I'm talking to you.)

Even cuter: in the promotional flyer for the movie Knowing, he's introduced with the diminutive nickname "케서방" - Kae-seobang. Usually, "seobang" goes after an in-law's family name to make a cute nickname, I'm told by Girlfriendoseyo. "Kim seobang" would be the nickname if the in-law's family name were "Kim," for example. Yeah. Cute. Korea loves Nicolas Cage. Kiss. Even when his acting is about on par with this.

At the same time, I picked up this pamphlet: Jeon Ji-hyun starred in "Blood, the Last Vampire," a full-on Hollywood movie starring a Korean... and STILL disappeared from Korean cinemas with barely a whimper. It was so bad it never even got the "OMFG A Korean is in a Hollywood movie!!!!!" hype that most Korean roles in Hollywood films merit.

I watched it (download) and...yeah. It didn't warrant the hype. Or even the eighty minutes of my life. Pretty bad.

Plus, in the picture, is a new Konglish spelling mistake I've been coming across lately: the misspelling of "Heroine" (meaning female hero of a movie) as "Heroin".


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