Sunday, October 25, 2009

New K-blog: Not Dead Yet

There's a new K-blog on the scene that you should be reading, if you aren't already.

Not Dead Yet, which I hope is an indication of its longevity-to-be, given the way several other Roboseyo featured K-blogs have gone mostly defunct (where are you, Dongchim? We need you!) is a cool new K-blog taking a well-researched analytical look at aspects of Korean culture. From the site itself: "This is a travel blog written by someone who majored in cultural anthropology, and whose idea of fun is wandering through the Sonoran Desert picking thorns out of my naked ass cause I sat on a cactus while trying to soak in the psychedelic desert scenery in front of me…"

In a recent post, NotDeadYet deconstructs the "Korea is 5000 years old" myth, and the effect the ahistorical Dangun origin myth has had on the current Korean study of history.

It's an interesting read, and there's other stuff on the blog worth reading as well, so go check it out. (for example: on "justified suicides" in Korea, and Who's to Blame for Korea's sex industry.)


Anonymous said...

very worthwhile. thanks for the links.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! Its high praise coming from such a fantastic blog.