Sunday, October 25, 2009

Joe's Wedding

Zenkimchi Joe got married a couple of weekends ago now... which totally means I bet you he and his wife did it by now!

A lot of other people have posted better pictures than I took of the wedding, so I won't bore you with those, and joe's covered the whole thing extensively on his blog, but here's the video I made: this cute old lady wouldn't stop fussing with Eunjeong's outfit, so I started snapping pictures. It was adorable.

a gajillion congratulations, Joe.


kushibo said...

Not to sound like a critic or anything, but it might have been very sweet to end with that picture of them making the valentine with their arms.

Congratulations, Joe. (Though I guess I should be writing that on his site somewhere. Did he announce it anywhere?)

Roboseyo said...

Sorry you weren't wild about the video....but until I'm getting paid to make'em, hasty and sloppy will occasionally be the rule of the day.

I added a link to Joe's page, which has links to the other people who wrote about this.

kushibo said...

Oh, no. I'm not saying I wasn't wild about the video. I'm just saying that one shot, which was close to the end anyway, would have made a perfect ending.