Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bits and Pieces

I put up a links post at Hub of Sparkle. But some of the stuff I discovered was too random for that site, and too entertaining to let it slip by.

So here you go:

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I posted once before on "what does English sound like to non-English speakers"?

today at they had this fantastic video of what English DOES sound like to non-Englishers.

Plus, there's sweet dancing. And a guy who reminds me of the "I Kiss You" guy... who, according to an article I read, may have been the inspiration for Borat.


And musicwise... Radiohead's latest album, "In Rainbows" has grown on me slower than any of their albums so far... but I'm finally coming around to it. I got a hold of their special edition second disc, and there's a song on there that's the prettiest song Radiohead's made since "How to Disappear Completely" - the last track on the second disc, in keeping with Radiohead's habit of saving one of the best tracks on the album for last. Wolf at the Door was the best song on "Hail to the Thief" "Life in a Glass House" might have been the best song on all of Amnesiac...really, OK computer was the only album that didn't save the last track for something gobsmackingly magical. but anyway, here's a lovely, lovely song.

I've talked a lot about Bliss-outs lately, but the thing I love about Radiohead is that (other than on The Bends) they're not so much about the bliss-out, the unbridled thing -- but instead they approach slower, and give a longer-lasting sort of elevated feeling, almost a sensitization rather than a mere bliss-out, like the way your scalp feels cold for a day after getting your hair cut short. So, the song is gorgeous.

And while we're squeeing about Radiohead, this is a good song, and a super-cool video, too. Love the rain when the music changes.

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