Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Looking to talk with...

Hey readers. I want to write about something on my blog, but in order to be fair, I need to get a point of view from a few readers. Specifically, to balance out the point of view of an ethnic non-Korean living in Korea, I need to talk with some ethnic Koreans who have grown up in Korea, and who hang out with foreigners from time to time. If that's you, please write me an e-mail at roboseyo at gmail dot com. Please don't be shy... especially, don't be shy if you worry about your English ability when you talk with foreigners... if that's you, you're exactly the person I want to talk to.

If you're really close friends, or maybe married to a born-and-raised, Korea Korean (as much as I love my Kyopo readers, I'm looking for a different perspective this time), and you'd like to help me out with accessing a wider variety of views from that group, please send me a note as well.



X said...

"ethnic non-Korean living in Korea" - Sweet nomenclature ^^&

David tz said...

You should go to Rocky Mountain Tavern in Itaewon and talk to the bartender, Min. She's Korean-born and spends all her time with and around foreigners. She speaks excellent colloquial English and I'm sure she could give you some good insights.