Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ahh Sports Nationalism

First off: I hate NBC. Not for any other reason but this: they don't like to share. Due to the clutchy grabby way they protect their content (any clip from any NBC show gets pulled from YouTube, etc.), the NBC Olympics page will only play in the USA, so I can't even see it on their (advertising heavy, showing an extremely limited selection of their programs) durn website.
What sucks the most is that two of the greatest online clip-generating bits of TV programming out there -- Olympic coverage, and Saturday Night Live, are both owned by NBC, so the only way I can see Kim Yuna's Olympic performance is on TV, and the only way I can see "the more cowbell skit" is by downloading it illegally. So here's me biting my digital thumb at NBC.
(source: the DiCaprio Romeo and Juilet)

I haven't been able to watch Kim Yuna's amazing skate with Korean announcers yet... so I can't report whether they absolutely lose their shit the way they did for Park Tae-hwan.

Anybody got a link?

On the bright side, I deleted the time-waster that caused this February to be one of my lightest posting months in a long, long time.

Look forward to more Roboseyo soon.



John from Daejeon said...

Why are you upset at a company for protecting their product and having it only available to those on their own soil?

You should be much more upset that your local media sources (South Korea) aren't providing what you seek or those from where the venue is located (Canada).

NBC paid heavily to own "their" product and are losing their shirts in the process.

adamgn said...

Here you go...

adamgn said...

And I share your sentiments regarding NBC. It is ridiculous the way they guard their content. I wish they could evolve from this archaic way of thinking where one group can watch; one group can't watch. It would be so easy to introduce several plans for people in America and folks overseas.

Brian said...

Rob, I don't know if you caught it, but the call on SBS for that first silver medal winner in skating was pretty animated, too. I searched briefly online but couldn't find it, but that is another one deserving of subtitles.

Roboseyo said...

I'm thinking I'll have to take nominations for which videoclip I should subtitle from this Olympics. I'll only do one though: took me about four and a half hours.

Puffin Watch said...

I'm kind of finding the Canadian CTV coverage a little too Canadian. I realize it's an olympics held in Canada and it's all about "own the podium" and our PM gave us permission to be patriotic flag wavers but really. I'd like to see Americans and Japanese and stuff... not just when they're competing against us.

And I found the CTV site was screwing up Korean names. They were taking the last letter of their family name and making it their given name.

Flint said...

Just do what I did for the US/Canada hockey game, go to SBS directly and watch the programs.