Thursday, February 04, 2010

Link-Dump Rundown

Chris Backe and Shannon Heit have more on helping with Haiti Fundraisers. Some happen today: be quick! 10 Magazine has more.

Wonder Girls, thanks to ballot-box stuffing, won a top video award. Wonder Girls have also won top spots through write-in votes, on polls about the best NFL Player of all time, Longest River in Brazil, Top Bollywood Star, and Best Ocean Named The Pacific Ocean.

Foreign English Tutors haven't been caught, or punished for it, but we're still evil. Thanks, Kang Shin-who, for your series on illegal english tutors.. Stafford says you're dumb. Tell all your friends: if a guy from the Korea Times named Kang Shin-who wants to talk to you, say no. His record of misquoting, making stuff up, inflating stuff, and casting people in a false, negative light, is pretty long by now. Here's a start.


ZenKimchi said...

Re: Wondergirls

When a web site runs a poll where people can vote more than once, its purpose is not to find out the best or even the most popular in any area. Its purpose is to drive up traffic to its own web site.

Roboseyo said...

coming soon: the chatjip massive survey series?

This Is Me Posting said...

RE: Wonder Girls

Its not even true. Check out the site now:

Wonder Girls aren't even listed. They've been removed from the final count.

In fact, they're been completely removed from the site's vote page:

No wonder (punny!) the Chosun Ilbo doesn't link back to the site within its article!