Friday, January 01, 2010

2S2 Coming up Saturday, January 9th.

This post is interspersed with pictures from November's 2S2 meeting, all stolen from Foreigner Joy's blog. You can see them in their original context here.

Seoul Eats Meetup is a foodie meetup that's been going on over at Seoul Eats for a while, and 2S2 is heading for its January session, on the Second Saturday at 2pm. Here's the breakdown:

The plan for January just got sorted: the Anguk chapter of 2S2 is getting together with Seoul Eats for a teamup:

The Seoul Eats Meetup will be at noon in Insadong. There's a dumpling restaurant there with nice ddeok soup, a traditional new year's meal. Then, at 2, we'll head to twosome place to gather anybody who's there, and depending on the group size, we'll either head for a nifty tea room somewhere nearby to have some nice Korean teas, or (if the group is smaller) boot up the road to a little place with amazing warm, spiced wine. Once there, we'll have a book exchange. Bring the books you're done with, and trade them in for ones you haven't read yet. We're not fussy about genres... but I know I plan on bringing three or four books, to give my friends a little more choice. I'm also planning on bringing my set of Gostop cards, so that we can have another session of either learning, or playing the game. Once the weather gets warmer, we'll be a little more adventurous in our activities, but just so you know, the last 2S2's have all been good times so far.

So if you're up for some good food, you're welcome to join the Seoul Eats Meetup, like I will, and if a bit of social time, a card game and a book exchange sounds fun, join in for 2S2, too. The Seoul Eats folks are invited to bring a book they're finished with, and meet the rest of the 2S2 people at 2pm. I was thinking of climbing a mountain... but it's still hella cold. I'll bring my pack of gostop cards for anyone who wants... to either play, or learn how, as well.

Please note: I'm hoping not to stay too long at Twosome place this time, and to fairly quickly
move on to the next place, so please try to be there promptly at 2. See you there!

Here's the link to the google map.

Here's the google map to find it all.

View Kung Mandu and Twosome Place: Seoul Eats and 2S2 in a larger map

Read more about 2S2 here. Or here. Or in The Korea Herald.

also: I am very, very interested in getting 2S2 pockets set up in other locations, rather than just in Seoul. If you're living outside of Seoul, or even in a suburb that's pretty far from Insadong, don't complain that 2S2 is a good idea, but too far away: start your own pocket! Get in touch with me at roboseyo at gmail dot com, or send me a message on facebook, and I'll be thrilled to promote your meetup on the 2S2 community blog as well.


Kelsey said...

Seeing the photos and recaps from 2S2 make me really wish that something similar had been around when I was in Korea. I lived in a really isolated area, and I would have made more of an effort to get off-island (I was on Jindo Island) if there had been stuff going on nearby.

By the way, Mokpo might be a good place for a branch. It has a large number of foreigners itself, and it is a common gathering place for the foreigners in the surrounding countryside, of which there are many.

Brian said...

That's gonna be January 9th, right, not February 9th.

If I can find some time I'll do a post about this.

Thing is, Kelsey, and whomever, there's a lot of cool stuff going on that isn't under the catch-all "community," or whatever. Mokpo especially has a lot of stuff going on: pub quizzes, volunteering, people travelling, etc. People probably don't think of it as "community," it's just people doing their thing. When you have people in a town who've been there for a few years (or more), then that's what happens.

There's some good stuff going on in Gwangju as well. I'll put a link up later, but I recently learned there's a Korean-Foreigner dinner every month put on by some local teachers. Been going on for years, but I just learned about it last month.

Roboseyo said...

Thanks for spotting that month mistake, Brian.