Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year! Retrospective on the Way

This video: On the Water, by the Walkmen, is seriously awesome. Great song, stunning video.

Found it on Pitchforkmedia's top 50 music videos of 2009. Go look around there... some amazing stuff to see. Pitchfokmedia's year end lists are always worth looking for.

I'm working on a few looks back at 2009: hang on, and I'll soon come up with
1. Top ten K-blog moments of 2009
2. (in the Korea Herald) Top ten expat stories of 2009
3. Top ten blogoseyo posts of the year
4. Ten things I learned this year. I didn't do an advent post this year... frankly, it's been a tough year for me personally in a lot of ways. There was one super-duper high point, and then a whole bunch of rough stuff. So that's all coming up. Now go back up and watch that video.


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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year from Daejeon!! I'm heading over to Pitchfork right now to take a lookie at that list!

Hope you have a rockin' 2010!