Monday, February 02, 2009

A very important Seoul Podcast

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This silly survey is unimportant. So, so, so, so unimportant, trivial, trite, and asinine, next to this:

SeoulPodcast has done an amazing podcast concerning unexplained deaths in the expat community. Three ladies, survivors of expats who died under mysterious circumstances in Korea, discuss the loss of their loved ones, and the difficulties they went through trying to get the full stories of their losses, and the unwillingness of numerous parties to help them get help, answers, justice and, most of all, closure.

As expats living in Korea, we should be mindful of the fact tragedy can strike any of us, at any time, and we have the responsibility both to be prepared for the day our nightmares come true, and also to support these people and their searches for truth.

Go listen to the podcast. Get some tissue ready.

You can visit the homepage Stephannie White, the mother of Mike White, one of the expats who died needlessly, maintains, here, at and she has a facebook page called a mother is looking for answers about here son. Think about supporting her, by comments, by money transfer (for lawyers fees), by writing an article about it for your local newspaper, magazine, whatever, and by contacting your embassy, your local political representative, or the Korean politician who represents the area where you live.

Go listen.


ZenKimchi said...

The link for the episode has changed.

Roboseyo said...

duly updated.

Mightie Mike's Mom said...

Thank you for posting the interview in your Blog~ there have been quite a few click throughs from your site to the MightieMike site. I really appreciate you helping to spread the word~ take care & be well~ sunny days