Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Roboseyo's Bliss-Out One: Jens Lekman: People Who Hate People

So, Jens usually does these croony things...but then he pops of a b-side like this on a rare/unreleased whatchamacallit, and makes me bliss right out. The snappy rhythm might be what's doing it... I'm not totally sure, but this is the second wackiest bliss-out I have in my collection.

Interestingly enough, the wackiest one is ALSO by Jens Lekman. Might give you that one later.

Melissa, from Expatriate Games, did a "25 Musical Things About Me" post which inspired me to turn that stupid "25 Random Things About You" meme into "25 Songs That Make Rainbows Burst From My Eyelids" (because who really cares if I'm addicted to chocolate brownies?)

I'm working on the Youtube playlist. Bear with me.

(ps: meanwhile, Gord Sellar is also posting some really cool music these days. Don't forget to check the comments on the second one.)

By the way: saw this online... your nominees for weirdest combination of music/vocal/video ever are: Eminem, Benny Hill, and Dr. Who... huh?
(warning: it's eminem. you know. language.)


Gomushin Girl said...

My mind is reeling from that last video. I'm not sure whether it's a dream or a nightmare come true.

Roboseyo said...

mine too. I don't even have to watch it: just thinking about it overwhelms me with WTF.