Wednesday, February 04, 2009

An open letter to Blogger about an ongoing glitch.

Hey there blogger.

This letter is short.

There is no way to write you directly at Blogger, so I'm going to complain about it here. I have mentioned it on the help columns, and it seems to be an ongoing problem for numerous blogs, but it has not been repaired in two months.

At the bottom of blogger pages which are linked in my sidebar, dozens of links to my site have been appearing, from pages which do not directly link to those sites.

At the bottom of my page, links to dozens of other blogger blogs have been appearing, which have ME on their sidebar, but which do not directly link to my page.

This has not been repaired in two stinking months! The only choices I have are to 1. systematically, painstakingly go through each one of two months worth of posts and delete all the junk links, which is a huge time suck, 2. clear my sidebar link and hope that fixes it, but it also means my blog becomes much less useful for people interested in reading blogs. 3. leave it, and have cluttered and useless "links" bars or 4. switch to a different blog server which fixes glitches when they appear.

Now sure, with bogger and these free blog hosts, I'm getting just what I pay for, but if I'm going to keep blogging anyway, and if blogger doesn't seem to be fixing this, and if there's not even any way to contact them, the balance is starting to shift toward switching hosts.

If this is happening to your blog, post about it. If there is no way to directly contact Blogger about this glitch, maybe enough people posting about it will remind them, or alert them.

Take it easy, folks.

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