Monday, June 23, 2008

More goofy Korean ads

This one features the lovely "Go Ara" - acting like a baby

This one. . . I don't really know WHAT to say about it

and its partner

except that it resembles this screensaver that James Turnbull showed me, which is ridiculously, awesomely, addictively random.

and they match this one (posted before) for sheer weirdness.

meanwhile, on a bet to see whether sex really can sell anything, next proof:

gas heaters! (this company had a big promotion smack in the middle of insadong for about four months in spring, playing that ad and the "making of the sexy gas heater ad" video on constant loop, along with a person dressed up as the robot walking around while some poor schmoe followed it with a stereo around his neck playing that awful, stuck-in-your-head-like-a-burr song, also on constant loop. (James Turnbull on 'why do they have 'making of the ad' ads going around?)

And the classic: "Let's get a really hot star to act like a total infant" ad (note especially the awful English "everyday new face" at the very end)

and in case you doubt her hotttness credentials after that atrocity:

(link: this one got banned. Not nude or anything, but sweaty and suggestive. Follow the link if you want. Perv.)

17 tea: she's talking about good health here

another for 17 tea. . . what this has to do with tea, I don't know, but I wanna buy some.

But this one's my favourite of the day: from mongdori (see sidebar), this is an ad for raspberry wine, and it makes me laugh every time I see it --

the "intentionally silly deadpan delivery" thing is kind of new in Korea, and a welcome change if it catches on, considering it's a layer more subtle than what passes for comedy these days: (from a game show)

(from a movie. I think 70% of Korean movies are either gangster films or sex comedies. I'm waiting for a gangster sex comedy to come out and make the entire Korean movie industry implode)

boy, living here is fun!

(oops; almost forgot the reason I started this post:)

by the way. . .
the. greatest. korean. ad. ever. (from about 2006)

that dance was imitated for two years by my kindergarten students, and every time that song by the Pussycat Dolls came on in a club, I cracked up the dance floor with the "Don'Cha" dance, for a good six months. Pure joy.

(update: brian: is this the weird hajiwon commercial you wanted? It's the oddest one I found)

she says bang bang in this one. That's almost the same.


Brian said...

Big ups to Ha Ji-won, number one in my book.

I uploaded those yogurt ads to youtube and blogged on them earlier . . looks like they'll finally get some attention.

Do you all have that "Hi-Loan" commercial on up there? With the woman who goes "bok bok"? at the end? Drives me crazy.

Definitely my favorite Korean commercial, though it's not on anymore: (the first one)

Roboseyo said...

ahh. YOU're the one who showed them before. I remember seeing them and thinking "bizarre" and then seeing them again last weekend with girlfriendoseyo. . . but not remembering where they were from on the first place.

the ones that drove me crazy were the lee jun-ki Seok-ryu ones, the lemonade one, and the macdonalds one where those two jerks were shouting "aah" in each other's faces to show how wide you have to open your mouth to eat a big-mac. I literally changed the channel or lost interest in the show I was watching when it came on.

Anonymous said...

interesting..thanks for posting sir! :)