Sunday, June 22, 2008

Great news:

I got a digital camera!

Now, you can see me expose my hairy chest and leer wantonly in crystal clear focus! Isn't this picture WONDERFUL?
(photos from my newly opened flickr page.)

(uh, that is, the clarity and stuff. Sorry my belly button isn't quite Lee Hyoris (from here)

The crappy cameraphone images will not disappear entirely, fear not: I have a bunch I took that are still waiting for their turn in the sun, and doubtless there will be times when I forgot my camera at home, but see something that must be shutterbugged -- but at least now, when I go somewhere cool, I'll bring my camera along, and give you some nicer eye candy than I have up until now.

Along the pukhaksan expressway (I think it's called) -- the sky was so gorgeous today, I just wanted to be outside all day. The weather was a dream, from morning (climbed Buramsan with Matt) to night (wandered around the Anguk area with Girlfriendoseyo.)

I love swirls in lattes.

Changdeokgung from the side.

a little villa behind/beside changdeokgung is full of fantastic old hanok houses.

Neighbourhoods like this are the perfect stroll-venue at night.

(near changdeokgung)


Anonymous said...

God you are a pale pale man....but I still love your hair :D

Roboseyo said...

you know, I prefer being called Rob. . . but you won't be the first one to give me a nickname.

You know that's a high compliment in Korea?

"How do you get your skin so white? Do you drink lots of milk?"