Wednesday, June 18, 2008

An Illustrated, solipsistic riddle: What do you get when...

'cause I can't do social commentary all the time, and what's a blog without a few off-colour innuendoes from time to time?

What do you get when you cross Bono and A Clockwork Orange?

Roboseyo getting his teeth whitened.


AfterPretty dramatic difference, eh? I'm thinking about starting to smoke, just so next time, the change will be even clearer.

The dentist was also pleased: she'd just started a new clinic, and was still trying out all her shiny new equipment, and was quite impressed with the result.

While I'm being narcissistic anyway. . . I also got a haircut.

Haircuts are always an adventure in Korea, because Korean stylists (outside of Itaewon) don't run into naturally curly hair very often, and some of them really have NO idea what to do with it. This guy thought a blow-dryer would be the best way to finish off my cut.

Not. Quite.

Once more, for fun, after he tried to save it with a spritzer:
Later, in the bathroom, I got my hands cupped full of water and used my fingers, the way you're supposed to handle curls this length.
Those short and curlies look MUCH better now. ;)

After I got a chance to shower, I could do it up proper, as you can see in this cleverly framed nude picture.Hope that wasn't too shocking for you.



Anonymous said...

That last pic gave me quite a start I must say....I think that last time I've seen you that undressed was at my 14th b day party at the Trans Canada Waterslides when you and Adam were running around making strange noises to the delight of the public :)

Roboseyo said...

actually, li'l sister, you didn't see me as undressed that day at your birthday party as I was when I took that picture. But I don't want to scandalize your innocent mind with more detail than that.

how's that BPVOA doing?

melissa v. said...

HOWLING!!! ROFL!! This post is truly a piece of art. Each photo is better than the last, until the naked one and then the look on your face is so priceless! Def. saved the best for last with that one.

Did you have to pay for the whitening with gold, or did you just get her flowers? Cheap bastard.

Ah, I miss you. You're a funny friend. When you coming home to visit? Come meet my baby. He's sweet. We even picked a name (but it's a secret). It's getting tougher to remember to call him CB on my blog.

Roboseyo said...

Glad you liked the post, mel.

But. . . I don't understand what you mean, Mel?

Gold? Flowers? I have no idea what you mean. Korea's economy is based on currency, not barter!