Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Stay classy, Korea Times

Here's a new feature at Roboseyo:

Send me your screenshots of The Korea Times' comment boards. Show me the classiest, suavest, sanest, most logical flame-wars they have to feature. Include a link to the original page and I'll post'em here. This was from the page where Kim Tae-hee basically apologized for being beautiful but untalented. My personal opinion: keep collecting your commercial paychecks, Ms. Kim, and don't expect me to sympathize with you because your acting talent blocks you from making aNOTHER degree of order more than I make. If her middle school grades were so high, why don't we get her into scholarship? I'd attend her academic paper. Especially if this was her presentation style:

Keep it classy, KT. To follow the conversation properly, read it from the bottom to the top: most recent comments go on the top at KT.


Todd T said...

Note that "proudkorean4" lives near Washington DC and is obviously a victim of (perceived) racists slights. Only explanation for such vitriol and racism in his/her own comments. Sad.

Brian said...

I thought this was going to be about continuing to run tasteless cartoons.


How many times has that guy---syndicated out of Thailand---run something ridiculously offensive? They can't find somebody in-country to do something? Or do people enjoy reading on things not related to South Korea?

The KT really needs to stop allowing comments at the bottom of articles.

But, whatever, we've had that conversation a million times, and they still refuse to do anything about it. They've proven themselves unresponsive to the needs and desires of actual foreign readers. Congratulations on becoming the country's number one tabloid, guys. Too bad they're also the biggest paper. :(