Tuesday, 27 October 2009

If only Koreans used Google...

If Koreans used google, here is an elegant solution to territorial disputes that Google is using between China and India, that could be used here in Korea for a certain other... Islandish ...land-claim. Asia Correspondent explains.

Unfortunately, Koreans don't use Google. Last time I was on a PC Room computer, visiting some of my favorite sites, a window or notification opened, saying, in effect, "Hey there. You're using Internet Explorer 6. Microsoft will stop supporting IE 6 really soon, and it's archaic and really slow, and the security is rubbish, and many websites run faster, or work better if you try browsing with Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, or IE 8."

And the question is, when the rest of the world forgets about IE 6, will Korea finally decide to update its browser programming, or will Koreans simply stop visiting foreign sites entirely (as opposed to only mostly avoiding them now), and Naver and Daum's takeover of Korean netizens intellectual input will become complete? (Maybe that was the plan all along... pretty awesome evil plan if it was)... on the other hand, when The Machines take over and Skynet infiltrates the world through the internet, maybe Korea will be immune. Terminators will reach the Korean border and go "WTF? This country is incompatible" leaving Korea alone unaffected. Or maybe the robot army will be stuck at the border, frozen, uploading activeX controls, until Korean soldiers can take them out.


Unknown said...

+1 for the terminator remark.

activeX ... *shutter*

The Expat said...

I've always been suspect of the Naver/Daum takeover. I'm glad I'm not alone.

dokebi said...

But I agree with what the blogger finally concluded with.

The disputed region is undeniably an Indian territory.

Anyone who's willing to take neutral side on that issue is being quite arrogant & inconsiderate.

Galinaros said...

Nice one on the activeX. ;)