Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A bit more about the weekend...

May day and the kickoff to the Hi Seoul Festival hit a snag when protestors stormed the stage. Yes, the lunatic fringe is at it again, but as far as I can tell, mostly they're just damaging their own credibility now. A year ago, they had the majority of public opinion of the beef thing, but by over-playing their hand, turning violent(er) and not knowing when to walk away, they've gone from seeming like democracy freedom fighters to public nuisances. Memo to the protestors: blocking traffic is not a good way to gain public sympathy; nor is attacking police in a place where there might be international reporters, and where there ARE lots of foreigners. If there's one thing Koreans can all agree on, it's that the country must not be made to look bad in the world's eyes. Thanks to Korea Beat, I found these videos of the protest, at JetSetZero.

Next: Tuesday's Cinquo de Mayo party in Jonggak was great, I met a bunch of cool people, and saw some old pals. Girlfriendoseyo even came out and had a nice time chatting with some of my blog pals. That makes me happy. In other news, that evening, a food blogger from New York named Robyn (site she writes for, her own blog) showed up in Seoul, and was greeted by a few of Seoul's foodies. I managed to capture this wonderful picture of what happens when you eat out with food bloggers/writers.

I met some really cool people... I hope my jokes were as funny as they sounded in my head. I suffer from the "will say anything to get a laugh" illness, which people who know me take in stride, but which is sometimes surprising to new people, when I start a sentence with "So a funny thought occured to me while watching walrus porn the other day..." or somesuch.

I'm working through my Gyeongju pictures now. Some good stuff there. Soon, readers. Soon.


Robyn said...

It was fun hanging out with you the other night! I find myself in that "whipping out lots of cameras" situation a lot. :)

Roboseyo said...

convergences of food bloggers make me laugh for this reason. I'm waiting for some delicacy to come out which needs to be eaten in the first thirty seconds, or it'll lose its flavour, just to watch all the food bloggers go, "picture, or flavour...picture, or flavour" and be unable to choose, or hire a cameraperson just for that meal.