Monday, May 11, 2009

Happier News: My Brother Sultan Kebab Opens in Jongno

Know this guy?

Sultan Kebab, the wonderful "My Brother" place, has opened a second location right next to Jonggak Station, nearly across the street from Tomatillo. Look on your right when you come out of Jonggak Station exit 1 and walk toward Gwanghwamun on the main street front.

On the second floor of the same building is my favorite Indian Restaurant, Durga.

Omar, the owner,
has some new items on the menu, too: the baguette sandwich was nice, with a good chewy baguette, the revani was sweet and just heavy enough.

The grand opening is Tuesday, so I lucked out finding them open on Sunday evening. They were so new that some of the menu items hadn't even been programmed into the cash register yet...but the food was all there, readers. All there.


mnguni said...

hi rob!a friend of mine used to work with omar before and i always eat his kebab.taste doo great!!!im looking foward to visit this newly open kebab house!!!

Daniel Lee Gray said...

That's funny. I just posted my review on kebap in seoul. We should hang out soon!


Anonymous said...

Hey Rob, thanks for the heads-up on this. I work in the area and went last night for dinner. It was fabulous. I think I shed a little tear.

kushibo said...

That looks good. I'll try to go there this summer.

Dan Gray, I should be hearing about this at your blog, not here! Get back to work!

Roboseyo said...

huda and littlemiss: glad you'll go and support Omar. I love that guy.

Dan: you know where to find me.

Kushibo: ooch! Dan Gray called out!

the place IS great, and the Indian restaurant one floor above it has the best Naan I've had in Seoul so far.