Friday, May 01, 2009

April's K-Blog Of The Month: Female K-bloggers - Updated

I put out a request for Female K-bloggers over at Roboseyo a little while ago, and got a fantastic response. You see, it was with dismay that I saw the all female metablog "Naked In The Sauna" go defunct, and I really do think that a feminine view is important, and sometimes missing on some of the big K-blogs.

Sometimes, there are questions only a female can answer about Korea (at least without sounding presumptuous), and with that in mind, I am publishing this as a list of female bloggers in Korea: if you want to be on the list, let me know, and if you know someone who deserves to be on the list, or if one of these goes dead or defunct, let me know, too. I plan on linking this source on The Hub of Sparkle's getting-better-but-still-in-progress "Community" page, which I hope will eventually become a pretty good, regularly updated, one-stop "Get the basics in one place" source.

I'll try to put these into general categories, though of course some of these blogs will fit numerous categories, and being nothing more than a mere human myself, I might get a few wrong at first. Please be kind enough to correct me politely.

Observational/Slice of life/Survival in Korea

The Black ESL Teacher

Chubbo Chubbington

The Constant Crafter

Expatriate Games

Foreign/er Joy

Funk Seoul Sister

Going Places

Gyopo Wife

Hanguk Juseyo

I got 2 Shoes

Jennifer Teacher


Just Wandering

Live from Masan

Life in a Suitcase

Eat Your Kimchi (husband and wife team)

Mommy Blogs

Alfreds Mom

Domestic Bliss in South Korea

Korea Mama

Gyopo Wife

Expatriate Games

The Quest for Cuteness

Humor, entertainment and travel Blogs

A Long time Ago When a Tiger Smoked a Cigarette


Big White Barbie Does Busan

Going Places

Idle Worship

Itaewon Fatty

Lightning Reveals a Figure in the Room (and her photos)

Living Life Frame by Frame

Living on the Flipside

Sister Sha in Seoul

We've Got Seoul


The Black ESL Teacher

Jennifer Teacher

Community Blogs


OK. That took a while. Did I miss anyone?


melissa v. said...

ROB! You actually made me afraid for 2 seconds with your link threat on my blog!!!! YOU!! [SMACK]

love ya.

JIW said...

Thanks Rob~ ;)

Roboseyo said...

love you too, melissa.

Chris in South Korea said...

Wow - lots more blogs than I was aware of - definitely worth a linking-to action from yours truly. Thanks for the great list :)

Brian said...

I read Ms. Parker in Korea a lot before she moved to the UAE.

Jen said...

Thanks, Rob! I guess now I'll have to post more than once a fortnight... and write interestingly, as my students would say. :-)

Roboseyo said...

Yeah. I didn't include repatriated/no longer in Korea expat blogs -- you'll notice Expat Jane, Amanda Takes Off, and Lao Ocean Girl, for example, by their absence.

Roboseyo said...

Jen: yeah that was my main goal. To light a fire under YOU in particular, and get you posting more.

Mama Seoul said...

Here are two more mommy blogs:

Thanks for the link!

Jacki said...

My blog isn't so great, but it's there. We're a couple but I (the female of the relationship) write 90% of the entries. We both work with GEPIK in Anseong, Korea.

Carol said...

Hi Roboseyo.

"Naked" went defunct because 2 of the writers left Korea, and the one (or two?) left also operate their own regular blogs. This gets busy, on top of regular life as I'm sure you know!

We're in the process of finding new writers though so don't give up on us yet. Glad you didn't break up with us on Twitter. ;)

Lurking around ....

AM said...

Hey- I've been in Seoul since December. I guess I'd fall under Mommy blog, but I try to do a lost of posts about restaurants we go to or things we see and do in Korea.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, although I do know that it came via force hahahaha.
Saturday night was a lot of fun although the week long flu that came afterwards hasn't been. We'll have to meet up again when my husband is back on the PEN.

Bobby McGill said...

As a blogger in Korea of the XY variety, it is nice to get this link list of some of my fellow (oops) bloggers.

In the year since I started my blog I didn't write a whole lot about Korea due to my following in America, but as my blog has become more popular here I make a point regularly cover Korean based topics. The need is there.


Diana said...

Wow... nice write up, Rob. Again, some good reading material for me. And thanks for the mention.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rob,

I've got a photoblog, mostly with shots of Korea:

Also, about learning Korean. I took three months at YBM in Jongno, but will be taking a break in May. If you're still looking for study partners in June, a French friend and I will be looking to start studying again. I know a good teacher, we'd just have to be around 5 students of the same level.



Kelsey said...

Thanks for the linkage!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rob-

Thanks for the link-love. While I certainly write a lot of the content for Socius, there are some others (both male and female) who do a lot of contribution and Socius certainly wouldn't continue without them.

Thanks again for the attention and I hope anyone with any interest in Daejeon will check us out!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link-love! I think

I'm going to be defunct soon by fault of location. Moving from Seoul after my SE Asia jaunt. But I still plan on writing in my blog anyway.

Lily from Funk Seoul Sister