Sunday, May 24, 2009

Two nice things before the sad thing.

This guy made me smile on the subway. Note the footgear. (Look out, feetman seoul! I'm moving in on your turf!)
One nice thing about the older urban spaces in Seoul is the way every once in a while, roses start spilling all over everything.

And finally, something that you have to prepare for, and not be surprised at, if you come to Korea:

Yep. The cleaning lady in the men's room. Protocol is: let her do her job, and stand a little bit closer than usual.

Now the sad thing: R.I.P. Roh Moo-hyun. Suicide. This story is ghastly and horrible on so many levels. Heartbreaking, too.
And shame on people who are either using his death to say nasty things about him, or to gain political leverage. Shame.
I took some pictures and stuff of the vigil taking place by City Hall. Go look.


JIW said...

great common moments captures Rob... however the cleaning ahjumma in the woman's bathroom isn't such of a surprise to me.

Devry said...

Rob- After reading the Korea Blogs this weekend, I felt disheartend. RMH suicide is tragic, he was a man. He lived and breathed, drank soju and got hungover like everyone else. It's sad to see how heartless expat bloggers can be about this issue. I feel as if I spent the weekend reading Dave's ESL bottomfeeding comments.

Anyways, thanks for a post that speaks to the situation.


John from Daejeon said...

How about coming out of a stall and finding not one woman, but two women, staring at you after you have done your business? And this was on my first airport bus trip to Daejeon after we had stopped at a rest area for a quick bite. It was definitely an unique "welcome to South Korea."

I at least I believe it is "an" unique.

karl said...

I was in a swimming pool (male) locker room and there was an ajumma mopping up. Even weirder she was chatting with a couple naked men. Is it:

a) it's all one big family and who cares who sees you naked

b) she's an ajumma which means she has no sexual desire so duh.