Monday, 1 December 2008

Where's Kim Jong-Il?

Kim Jong-Il lives! Kim Jong-Il is alive and well! I have photo evidence! I have documentary proof! (My favourite new internet meme.)

OK. Here's the deal.

Kim Jong-Il sightings have been popping up ever since reports about his deteriorating health made headlines in August. This is funny to me, because I actually used to teach him back in my Kindergarten Teaching days.

It's time for a repository.

3 Alley Pub hired a new bartender.

RateMyHogwan reports on a Mr. Kim who opened a new English school near Kangnam.

An official photo.

The latest official batch.

Theme Magazine

Photoshop contest from SomethingAwful


From Worth1000

My personal favorite: the first documented evidence that Kim Jong-Il is a disco demigod!

If you have seen Kim Jong-Il, please fire me an e-mail, or post it in the comments. Dang, that video was great!

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