Monday, December 15, 2008


Matt, editor of the Expat Living section of the Korea Herald, organized a bit of a get-together for contributors to that section of the Korea Herald, and the photographer David Smeaton (whom I've linked here before) has posted some lovely photos of the event.

Go check them out! (I hope he doesn't mind that I borrowed his picture of me, to post here: it's a keeper.)

the photo above belongs to David Smeaton. not me. don't steal it or make money from it or anything. just look at it and then go visit his site.

It was a good time: one nice thing about getting together with a group like that is the sheer variety of lengths of time, experiences, and perspectives on Korea. Refreshing. If it's your first year, and all your friends are also in their first year in Korea, seriously, it's time to stretch out and find some friends who have been around the block, preferably enough times to want to talk about stuff OTHER than "Korea" (I mean, really, how much can you talk about the Education system in Korea before it's all been said before anyway?)

Good times, brothers and sisters. Good times.


davidsmeaton said...

hey mate

yeah, good times!!

no problems with you taking the pictures ... steal away! :)

Christianna said...

Right on, about different lengths of time in Korea... So true.
I may co-opt your idea of "community". Riffs on a theme. Would be good to hear what you come up with!

Take care!

Roboseyo said...

Keep your eyes peeled.

Kelsey said...

Looks like a great time!

I wish I could hear about these sorts of things earlier, so that I could actually, you know, get up to Seoul for them. Takes me a good 5-6 hours, so advance warning is an understatement. ;)

- Driftingfocus

Anonymous said...

I taught Korean children here in Vancouver for two summers in a row. It's fun to read about your experiences.