Sunday, December 28, 2008

Okonomiyaki. Real effing good food.

Can be found in Hongdae. . . if you ask me really nice, I'll take you there.

There are two places; one, called Noside, doesn't allow pictures, but this one does. They're both amazing. Yeah.

This is with my Japanese friend Saito.

How's that for food porn, Zenkimchi?

Personally, I'd give a slight edge to the Okonomi at Noside, though you'll also probably have to wait in line there... but dang, it's good.

This is what Noside looks like

and here's a video about how to find it.


Deborah Bosket said...

Oh, how I miss Okonomiaki. There used to be a really good place with in Sinchon/Edae.

Anonymous said...

echem! why are you holding out on us? you afraid of fatman and our gigantic lens?

matt said...

I first tried Okonomiaki in Hiroshima, famous for its 'okonomiaki village,' a multi-storey building (or two) full of nothing but okonimiaki joints. Tasty stuff. Noside is definitely good (too bad its always busy!). There used to be another place in Hongdae up the street from Noside, but it's since disappeared.

Anonymous said...

I only ate at NoSide, which was really really good, but the chef there reallllllllly hates photographs.

You can take pictures of the food if you beg a bunch, but he looks at you suspiciously the whole time.

I had a interesting lychee flavored malt beverage there. :)

Unknown said...

Usually, I have little interest in okonomiaki, but I've no idea why. I like the taste of it.

I've only eaten it a handful of times. To be honest, I'm not usually in the mood for it, or it just doesn't look good. I'm glad I had it when I did, though. For the record the few times I had it were: once in Osaka, once in the place up the road from Noside, maybe the one that you said has disappeared. The other times were at Noside.

It is certainly yummy.

Daniel Lee Gray said...

I got a picture at No Sides, but again, he didn't like me taking it.

Here's the link.

Anonymous said...

where is the other place? What is the place (not noside) called? And what syle it is.

Roboseyo said...

the other place is called fugetsu. like I said, it's on the second floor of a building...look for a black, orange and red sign with chinese characters on it.

There are two main styles of Okonomi Yaki -- one is Hiroshima style and I can't remember the other style, and one of the places does the one style, and the other does the other, but I can't remembe which is which, and I'm on vacation, so you can look it up yourself: Noside does the many-layered kind, and Fugetsu does the kind where they make a mix and cook it all together, adding only a few layers to the main course.

Roboseyo said...

also: I really like the cook at Noside. He remembers and likes me.